QENDI is a community in the DISEO ecosystem. The content of the community is created by eCashback AG and has the purpose of profiting from cashback when shopping in almost 300 well-known online shops and local shops.

QENDI uses technical developments from DISEO Ltd.

What is Cashback?

As a QENDI user, you pay the full amount when you shop and get money (the cashback) back later.

Cashback is mostly redeemable online and requires a QENDI login.

It is important to log in to the QENDI app before each online purchase and select the desired online shop of the QENDI partner and then continue shopping. This will ensure that your cashback account is credited.

The meaning of the name QENDI

When finding the name of the app, we became aware of the elvish people QENDI from the „Lord of the Rings Saga“. QENDI means „the speaking ones“. These are precisely the functions offered by the Smart Social Media App: it unites people and promotes exchange.