Building a Global
Social Media Democracy

QENDI democratizes Social Media!

QENDI makes users, communities and shareholders
to control the rules that govern the QENDI ecosystem.


Users, communities and shareholders will elect representatives.

DISEO plans to introduce 3 chambers representing users, communities and shareholders. These representative shall prepare any future changes of the ecosystem rules.


Future changes of rules will be based on votings of the stakeholders.

The chambers of representatives will prepare the further development of the ecosystem rules. The users, communities and shareholders will then vote on such changes.

Social Voting

Verified users shall have a voting power based on verified followers. Communities shall have a voting power based on the number of their registered members. Investors shall have a voting power based on their number of shares or participation notes of the company. Voting rights will be secured and executed by blockchain/DLT technologies. 

  • Creating ecosystem rules.

  • Available to verified users.

  • Proposing suggestions.

  • Electing representatives.

  • Voting on changes.

  • Based on Blockchain/DLT.

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