Value Creation Through
Audience Engagement

Introduce Users and Organizations to QENDI


Receive a lifetime revenue share of 0.1 percent

When introducing a user or organization to QENDI, you benefit but you also help your community to benefit. You receive a revenue share of 0.1 percent on every profile on the ecosystem that has been created following your introduction by ‚Tell-a-Friend‘ or QR-Code invite. Your community also benefits. They receive a 0.2 percent revenue share on those profiles. Revenue share on introduction is lifetime.


Enable a lifetime revenue share of 0.2 percent

You benefit from your community by participating in their rich social life. Your community needs funds to provide you such lifestyle. You can support your community by bringing them users. This not only enables them to increase their revenues, but they also receive a 0.2 percent revenue share on all the users and organizations you bring to the community. Revenue share on introduction is lifetime.

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With QENDI, NGO’s receive donations by project such that donors can monitor project progress achieved with their donation. Donor integration increases project visibility and ability to raise funds.

  • Showcase your projects.

  • Post news on impact.

  • Receive donations per project.

  • Supporters share updates and earn.

  • High rating increases visibility.

  • High visibility increases donations.

Sport Clubs

With QENDI, sports clubs operate their own social media platform to interact with their fans. Permission based targeting increases the value for for sponsor which increases sponsoring income.

  • Attract your audience.

  • Update audience with photo & video.

  • Stream your events.

  • Earn from subscriptions and donations.

  • Earn from advertising and sponsoring.


With QENDI, artists and athletes show their performance through live streaming and earn instant income from paid applause, donations, ticketing, sponsoring, advertising directly into an integrated wallet.

  • Attract your audience.

  • Update audience with photo & video.

  • Stream your performances.

  • Earn from subscriptions and donations.

  • Earn from advertising and sponsoring.


Retailers can sell their goods in the store and through the app and benefit from the integrated loyalty program. Customers who share the shop or or its promotions, who recommend goods receive a revenue share.

  • Offer your goods for sale in the app.

  • Your goods are embedded in other stores.

  • Create promotions to attract buyers.

  • Award customers to promote your goods.

  • Offer great service to increase ratings.

  • Double your revenues from loyalty.


Celebrities can manage their audience and share their experiences under their full control, who can reach them, comments on their posts while being able to monetize their reach. They can also create alliances with brands.

  • Attract your audience to the platform.

  • Provide good content on your profile.

  • Post news and updates.

  • Stream live events and chat with your fans.

  • Earn income from sponsoring.

  • Increase reach and income.


As an influencer you manage one or several channels where you share your knowledge with your audience. Directly earn from each update by allowing to add sponsors and also receive sponsor income from channel interactions. 

  • Attract your audience to the platform.

  • Manage channels to share your knowledge.

  • Create quality content to attract more.

  • Earn from sponsoring of your content.

  • Recommend brands and directly earn.

  • Earn more with higher audience quality.

Restaurant / Hotel

Show the ambience of your restaurant to your guest. Show your location and menu in a photo gallery, offer to book a table, enable users to see which of their friends have made a great experience and reward frequent guests.

  • Show your ambience and menu.

  • Receive reviews and testimonials.

  • Interact with your guest.

  • Award your guest for bringing friends.

  • Create promotions such as ‚Win a dinner‘.

  • Partner up with other businesses.


Brands show their products with emotional photo and video galleries as well as slideshow. The attract brand lover to support the brand and to list the profile in their favorite section visible to their friends.

  • Show your products with photos and videos.

  • Receive reviews and testimonials.

  • Interact with your audience through chat.

  • Compensate your brand ambassadors.

  • Create advertising / sponsoring campaigns.

  • Create competitions and surveils.


Insurances companies embed their offerings. Users can search and buy. But most importantly users can admit insurers to target them based on age, trigger event and other criteria. Insurers can replay with gifts.

  • Offer your insurances, list them in search.

  • Create promotions targeting your audience.

  • Identify trigger events of users.

  • Award users for allowing targeting.

  • Reward users requesting an offer.

  • Reward users helping to find customers.


Publishers create stories and report about events. They can share their content with any audience. From built in advertising / sponsoring they earn for content creation anywhere they find attention.

  • Create great content for your audience.

  • Sponsoring/advertising automatically added

  • Sponsoring/advertising is targeted.

  • Sponsoring/advertising with permission.

  • Targeting enables very high revenues.

  • Revenues are shared with audience.


Municipalities can offer their citizens easy access to public services. They can moderate public discussion through hosted chat, they can ask their citizens for their opinion for the development of the municipality. 

  • Offer citizens to interact with each other.

  • Enable citizens to help each other.

  • Support developing a rich ecosystem.

  • Provide public services digitally.

  • Create surveils to evaluate public opinion.

  • Reach all citizens through notifications.


Airlines, train and bus operators can only offer a booking system enriched with social engagement (travel tips, experiences), but can also integrate entire travel ecosystem and receive a revenue share on any booking.

  • Offer services to all community members.

  • Integrate entire travel ecosystem.

  • Integrate your own booking engine.

  • Integrate your own loyalty system.

  • Show your services in emotional galleries.

  • Activate your customers to bring friends.


Mobile operators have lost their SMS business. Now they can operate their own marketplace which integrates their entire ecosystem based on an enriching revenue sharing and with integrated loyalty system. 

  • Offer your services for sale in the app.

  • Your services are embedded in other stores.

  • Offer a social marketplace to merchants.

  • Benefit from an integrated loyalty system.

  • Attract all your customers for added value.

  • Double your revenues from loyalty.

Service Provider

Services can be provided by anyone and listed in the search categories. Services can be provided online as part of the app or offline. They can be scheduled and delivered as a desired time and charged through the app.

  • Create your own online service or booking.

  • Enable service booking through the app.

  • Anyone of any community can book.

  • Create promotions to attract buyers.

  • Award customers to promote your services.

  • Offer great quality to increase ratings.

Health Service

Health services can offer combined physical or tele-consulting including scheduling, consultation by video call, reminders and notes. It also supports sending digital prescriptions and to store personal medial date under user’s control.

  • Use the system developed by QENDI.

  • Offer your service in your geography.

  • Anyone of any community can book.

  • Create promotions to attract users.

  • Award customers to promote your service.

  • Offer great quality to increase ratings.

User Benefits

Control of
Data & Content

No data use and advertising without users‘ permission and earning income.

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Each community platform is customized with specific services and content.

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No Unsolicited

Users content experience is not disturbed by unsolicited advertising.

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Community Benefits

Control of
User Access

The community determines which advertisers are admitted.

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Intense engagement of the communiry members with the community services.

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The income share of users income covers operations cost and creates profit.

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Advertiser Benefits

Brand Experience

Brands are seamlessly integrated into users content experience.

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With users permission and payment users can precisely be targeted.

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Advertisers target fake-free users since users only receive payment when verified.

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